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ShopKo ad
Let's face it, the real football experience only happens in Green Bay, where the temperature is just a state of mind. ShopKo is proud to be part of the Frozen Tundra tradition. And we salute the spirit of all its die hard fans.
Because -15° isn't cold to a Packers fan. It's invigorating.

This is an ad I did for ShopKo in 2002. We shot it at ShopKo's headquarters on Holmgren Way on May 30, 2002 (which was a pretty warm day to be dressing like that). They've seen how I dress for the games by browsing around SEZ, and they wanted me to dress exactly the same way, including my signature license plate around my neck. However, Imaginasium (the folks who hired me and created the ad for ShopKo) changed the license plate from California to Wisconsin in the ad (which I suppose looks better for this ad). The hat I'm wearing is the hat I've worn since I was 8, and the scarf is the one Tricia made for me.

They put purple lipstick on me and made my cheeks look cold. They put Elmer's glue in my goatee and eyebrows to make them look frosted. Two people on either side of me sprinkled fake snow for the wintery affect. And all I had to do was look like I was freezing my ass off, and loving every minute of it (which wasn't very hard).

All in all, it was 2 hours of fun. And I got paid $150!

The ad appeared in these publications:

The ad was not in the 2002 Packers Yearbook. The game day program was available at all 2002 Packer home games. The ShopKo/Packers calendar was handed out for free to all fans at the stadium on September 8 (the Atlanta game); after that, they handed them out at the checkouts and registers in the stores.

Fun fact: In 2002, my Mother, Meredith, was a checkout lady at the original ShopKo store on Military Ave in Green Bay. Her checkout line, like all others, had a stack of calendars at the end. Except her stack was upside down, so my photo appeared on the top. I can just imagine the conversations she had.