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West Coast Offensive with Tom Freeman

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NFL Schedule 2014 Week #9
Date Visitor Home
Thu Oct 30 Saints Panthers
Sun Nov 2 Cardinals Cowboys
Sun Nov 2 Jaguars Bengals
Sun Nov 2 Jets Chiefs
Sun Nov 2 Eagles Texans
Sun Nov 2 Chargers Dolphins
Sun Nov 2 Buccaneers Browns
Sun Nov 2 Redskins Vikings
Sun Nov 2 Rams 49ers
Sun Nov 2 Broncos Patriots
Sun Nov 2 Raiders Seahawks
Sun Nov 2 Ravens Steelers
Mon Nov 3 Colts Giants
Open Date: Falcons, Bills, Bears, Lions, Packers, Titans


Welcome to the South End Zone, the oldest Green Bay Packers related web site, and one of the oldest NFL-related web sites, in the world! I launched the South End Zone in October 1995. Over the years, SEZ has grown to be a great source of schedules and scores for fans of all NFL teams, from any corner of the world.

SEZ is a fan run web site in the truest sense of the term. I created it due to my love for the Packers and the NFL. I continue to improve and maintain it today for the same reason. I always welcome any comments/suggestions. For the best help (i.e. with iCal issues), please use my Facebook page. Your questions and my responses are frequently helpful for other users to see.

Scott Crevier
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