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I operate the South End Zone from my home in De Pere, WI. I've always been a one man shop and I love doing it. While I have monthly expenses to keep the site going (for 25 years now), I try to keep those in check by limiting access from abusive servers, and by accepting donations from fans who wish to help.

I don't charge any fees to use the site (including the iCal feeds), and I've recently removed all ads from the site to keep the user experience clean. Donations are purely voluntary.

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I appreciate any support you can offer!

Scott Crevier

donate to the South End Zone

DISCLAIMER: Please know that there's no way I can guarantee the future of this web site. I'm trying hard to work through some traffic/bandwidth issues and keep everything going. But, I also can't ignore the remote possibility of having to just to shut everything down (or just shutting down the calendars). I think that's a very remote option, but it's always there. That said, please only donate if you truly want to help and you won't expect a refund. I'm not selling anything, I have nothing on the web site to offer to donors that others don't also receive. If you have any reservations at all, please don't donate.

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