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A Sweet Year To Remember!
by Cheryl (Paronto) Paul

Letter from Bob Harlan to Packers Cheerleaders I have to say that 1986 was a memorable year. Yes, the Packers were 4-12 that year, so there wasn't much about the games themselves that was memorable. But from my point of view -- and that would be right down on the field -- it was a memorable year.

Cheerleading practice was long and grueling, and then there was the dreaded "weigh-in" at the end of each practice ... all for a paycheck of $10 per game. However, the feeling of running out on to the field with nearly 60,000 fans cheering for the first pre-season home game made me realize that all of the hard work and effort was definitely going to be worth it!

From the photo sessions with fans in the Lambeau Field parking lot, to the trips to Milwaukee County Stadium, to becoming friends with some of the players, to personal appearances in the community, to nearly getting run over by large men in the end zone, and last but not least, to trying to see how many layers of clothing I could put on for the December games and not look like the Goodyear Blimp ... each and every week brought new adventures and great times.

The only regret I had was opening a letter from Bob Harlan in February 1987 that stated the Packer Organization was no longer planning to have cheerleaders. At that point I realized that the one great year I had just experienced was going to be it. I had, unfortunately, reached the end of my career as a professional cheerleader. It may have been a short career, but it was definitely sweet!

cheerleaders cheerleaders
The 1986 Green Bay Packer Cheerleaders Another cheerleader with Dick Butkus and Cheryl

NOTE: The Packers now have an arrangement with UW Green Bay and St. Norbert College to provide cheerleaders for each game.

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